A lifelong birdwatcher and lover of nature, Emma is excited to announce that she will tour her new piece, ‘Tree of Life’ in 2024 with the Orchestra for the Environment.

The orchestra is a group of hand-picked virtuoso players who all share concerns about the environment. They endeavour to travel in the greenest way possible to concerts and they make a point of performing music celebrating the natural world.

In these concerts, classics by Mozart and Tchaikovsky are framed by Puccini's touching masterpiece, Crysanthemums, Holst's Brook Green Suite, Gershwin's delightful Walking the Dog and Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on Greensleeves

Johnson’s Tree of Life draws inspiration from nature and from the hope that by acting together, we can mitigate the effects of climate change.

Comments after the first performance in 2023:

" in my 8 years of leading the LMF, I’ve not enjoyed a concert as much as yours back in May. Everything about it was just so good!"
Marc Lodge Lamberhurst Music Festival director
"Thank you so much for the wonderful inaugural concerton Saturday for the Orchestra for the Environment. I was very moved by the first performance of the Tree of Life and enjoyed the accompanying montage of images including the paintings by Edward Hutchison. It was magical to sit in the church and hear your music on an
early summer evening, punctuated by natural bird song
from outside." Fiona Murchie managing editor Relocate Global Magazine

"Wild Flowers" by Edward Hutchison - part of a montage of images of nature which accompany the music.
Profits from each concert will go to environmental charities.
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